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Mold Removal & Remediation

mold removal & remediation near me

Being able to assess mold grows it's about more than just looking at the surface or the corners where mold has grown. Mold can be invisible and might hide underneath surfaces. You must understand that behind every mold issue there is necessarily either a leakage problem, water issue, or a moisture problem. That's why our express will examine your home to tell where the moisture is coming from. The main objectives are to number one remove all the mold, and number two to exterminate all the possible issues in order for the mold not to return.

Create A Remediation Plan

Before we begin with mold removal we must document by taking photos, videos, and samples of the mold. Our supervisors will use all of these documents to develop a remediation plan. This plan is going to answer questions such as how long will the work last, what are the best procedures for the remediation, and what is any necessary testing that these need to be done. The remediation plan will help in the long term to keep track of the mold growth. It will also clear things up for homeowners on whether they should relocate temporarily while our experts get rid of the mold.

Calculate The Contamination

Mold may not always grow in one area that's why we need to calculate the contamination. Being able to calculate the contamination of mold will give us a clear approach to the cleanup. The goal is to remove the mold from all over the house. That's why we try to do everything according to the guidelines provided by the Department of Health. Based on these guidelines we are able to do everything in a professional and safe way. We are able to calculate the contamination of mold and make sure to clean every surface properly.

Remediate Mold Contamination

Mold remediation usually means cleaning the existing mold and avoiding the exposure of the homeowners while also preventing some of the other areas from mold growth. Before the calculations that we are going to make in the contamination area, we might determine how much time will it take for us to clean up the whole mold-infested areas. We will also make sure to follow the proper guidelines in order to isolate the unprotected areas so that they don't get any mold spores on them. By getting rid of the contaminated area and also protecting the non-contaminated areas we make sure that the mold never returns to your house again.

Final Clean Up

Depending on your specific mold problem our company is going to run some tests and it's going to make sure that after remediation we do a final cleanup to verify that all the mold is not there anymore. This means that we will make sure to apply every procedure in order for all the mold to be removed. When it comes to mold you must understand it has a high potential of coming back if it's not cleaned properly. The final cleanup must be done immediately after the remediation process. Even though the surfaces might seem like they may not have any more mold on them the final cleanup is the process that shows that. For example, there are certain crawl spaces that might hold a little bit of mold in them.

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