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Mold Inspecting

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If you see mold in your home, contact Omaha Mold Removal Services. We conduct mold inspections and mold testing. A mold inspection is a visual inspection of your property to see where the problem is located. Open inspecting the problem; we may need to look at sub-flooring and walls to see if the problem has spread to other areas of your home. We’ll discuss any leaks, water damage, or other moisture problems that they may have experienced. In short, we are trying to determine the extent of the problem so that we have some indication of what is required to treat the problem.


What Occurs During a Mold Inspection

We will begin by evaluating the areas where mold has already been detected. When inspecting the rest of the property, we will evaluate the areas where mold is most common. We have equipment that enables us to detect moisture in the walls and determine the source of moisture. Once we have gathered all the information needed, we can then make a recommendation about what you should do next.


Costs Associated With a Mold Inspection

The cost of a mold inspection will depend on the size of the house and the age and location. Larger homes typically cost more to inspect. A standard mold inspection cost between $200-$500 for most houses less than 4,000 square feet. We can offer a package deal for mold inspection and testing, which can reduce the cost. We’ll be happy to discuss our cost with you when you contact us about your mold inspection.

If you're looking for someone to work inside your home or your business we understand that you need somebody who is trustworthy to do the job right. That's why Omaha Mold Removal Services has experts that operate under strict ethics. If you're going to hire an independent contractor you never know the type of service that you might get. But in our case, we have a team and supervisors that monitor each and every move of our employees. We are going to make sure that you indoors have quality air and that everything is inspected the right way.


Look For Past Growth

Past mold growth might be a clear sign that there is a water issue around that area. You might have exterminators clean up the whole service from mold and then have it all returned after a while. This clearly shows that there is a leak inside the wall. Past growth mold might cause people to have allergic reactions to it. Another thing that past growth mold helps you identify are areas with not enough insulation. Past grows will show you that there are certain crawlspaces that still have mold spores between them. That's why our experts need to run the proper testing all over the house to remove all the possible mold.

Look Inside The Building

Our mold inspectors make sure to look for mold inside the walls. It is within the building and in other areas that mold has more growth. This is where mold causes wood and other types of materials to decay. On the outside, your house might look perfect but problems are in the crawlspaces. This is why we make sure to let our clients know whether the problem is deeper than just the surfaces. If this is the case then we present the client with a detailed report and a plan that is going to show step-by-step the procedures for mold removal. This will most likely save your money in the long run and it's going to be a good investment. This also helps us test the mold and see if it's toxic or non-toxic. This process will also help you save money in the future since you'll get rid of the original problem immediately.


Look For Water Leakage

We make sure to help people in all kinds of situations especially in water leakage. What we do here is identify where the leak is coming from. You must understand that not all mold is dangerous. Not all companies will tell you this but it's true. Not any type of mold is dangerous however if you leave it, it's going to spread all over the house and maybe turn dangerous once it starts spreading allergens into the air. Usually a broken pipe into the wall or a problem with the insulation my cause mold to develop. There are times that mold only develops during winter months and if it's not treated right it might stay there for a really long time.


Visible Growth

Before starting the mold removal or even considering it we must make sure that our experts inspect the areas properly. Proper inspection and mold testing must be done in order to make sure that we have all the information needed like is the mold toxic, where are the crawlspaces that the mold is coming from, what is the major problem that is causing mold? This information lets us know exactly what is needed to do the work right. This will also let you know of the total price and time that is going to take for experts to finish the job.

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