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Mold & Health

mold & health issues

We are all vulnerably to being exposed to mold whether we like it or not. Some are more sensitive to mold than others and that is why they need to have it removed when there is any presence of it around. You won't find it possible to eliminate mold but at Omaha Mold Removal Services, we can at least get it back to a healthy level. When mold begins to grow, mold spores fill the air and are inhaled. Exposure to too much of the mold spores can cause some people to become sick. Some do not even realize that this is the cause of their health concern.


How Mold Has An Affect On Your Health

There isn’t just one type of mold; there are several types of mold. They all grow in damp, moist areas and can all affect your health. The health issues mimic allergies and can create harmful toxins. How mold exposure affects a person is determined on various factors, such as the age of the person, their level of sensitivity to mold spores, and whether they have allergies or not. Someone sensitive to mold may experience several health issues, such as a runny nose, itching, nasal congestion, and watery eyes.


Determining If You’ve Been Exposed

A mold testing for antibodies is a good way to determine if you have been exposed to a large amount of mold spores. If there is antibodies found in your system then it is safe to conclude that you have been exposed. Even if you are tested for mold sensitivities, this cannot determine how the exposure will affect your health since it affects everyone differently. After finding out that you have been exposed too much mold the only way to avoid it is to remove yourself from wherever it exists.


Effectively Removing Mold

The best way to avoid being exposed to too much mold is by having it professionally removed. Any amount of mold that is visible should be addressed, as it has likely already started to spread. Since mold goes undetected, once it becomes visible, it has usually already spread. Treating mold and removing mold are two different things. If we have to remove the mold then this may call for drastic action, such as cutting out pieces of your wall to address the problem from the source. The source may involve your plumbing, which is behind your wall.


Mold Testing

Mold testing helps us determine exactly where mold is located. It also enables us to determine how widespread the problem is so that we don't have to continue coming back and forth for the same problem. Mold testing is important to anyone serious about stopping the mold from spreading and is highly recommended whenever you notice mold anywhere in your home. If you don't want the problem to get any worse then contact us for testing today. You may immediately notice a difference in your health once we have removed the mold. Call and schedule testing today. We're here when you need us!



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