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Mold is a type of fungi that can be found almost everywhere whether in outdoor or indoor environments. We don't really know how many types of mold there are but we can tell whether a type of mold is toxic or not. What is particular about mold is that they can survive even extreme conditions such as too hot or too cold. If mold spreads in the air it can cause allergens that might affect your health. Here at Omaha Mold Removal Services, we make sure to examine the mold in your property, do mold testing, and then start the remediation process where we will remove each and every spore of mold from the surfaces.

We will also make sure to fix any water leakage problem or add extra insulation in case your building is suffering from a high humidity issue. Humidity and moisture are two of the main reasons why mold will grow inside the building. In order for us not to waste our job and your money at the same time, we will make sure to do everything correctly the first time. This means that we will not only remove the mold but also insulate any surface that might be a potential mold infestation point.

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