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Omaha Mold Removal Services

Omaha NE Mold Inspection, Testing, and Remediation

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Mold isn’t really a problem until there is too much of it. If you notice a lot of molds anywhere in or around your property then we would advise you to contact Omaha Mold Removal Services. If there are areas in your home that are known for I high level of moisture then you shouldn’t wait to give us a call, you should stop and call us now! The problem with a mold problem is that it can go undetected.

This gives it the chance to start to spread to other areas of your home. If you don’t know that there is a problem then there is no way that you can do anything about it. We can find and treat your mold problem. Call us to find out how we can do this for you.  Omaha Mold Removal Services has been in existence for several decades, operating in Omaha, Nebraska. We have assembled a team of highly-skilled and competent technicians to effectively and thoroughly resolve you of your mold issue. It doesn't matter how far spread the problem is, we'll get to the root cause of the problem and stop it from spreading. As experts, we have the skills and qualifications needed to do so. It can be a bit of a surprise to discover just how bad a mold problem is but it certainly isn't the end of the world, if you know who to depend on. Many depend on us because we have proven, time-and-time again that we are qualified to effectively address mold problems.

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    We can take care of your mold problem from beginning to end. We offer inspections, testing, and remediation; everything that is needed to get rid of your mold problem. Even after we’ve removed the mold, we may still need to put things back in order due to having to cut through paneling, siding, or flooring. We offer complete remediation services. We will identify the source of your problem and let you know how to prevent it from occurring again in the future. We have a high success rate, which is why so many in Omaha depend on us for their mold remediation services.

    Mold & Health
    Mold Inspecting
    Mold Testing

    Mold & Health

    Mold is a problem that starts without notice. It can be found inside and outside your home. Mold develops in different forms and colors, most commonly, green, black, white, orange, and purple. It grows in damp, moist areas and produces mold spores that fill the air. What many do not realize is that we are exposed to mold every day, however, too much can create health issues. Most of the issues are not too serious but can create allergy type symptoms.


    Mold Inspection

    It’s important to inspect for mold if you’re experiencing unexplained and sudden health concerns. Some stores will sell you at-home mold kits, however, it's better to rely on a professional inspector. When performed by a qualified professional, you’ll receive more conclusive results. They will let you know why you are experiencing the mold problem and advise you about treatment.


    Mold Testing

    Mold testing involves testing the air for mold that may be present in the home. Mold spores travel through the air. Once they attach to something moist, the mold starts to grow. We are effective at detecting the mold when we perform air testing. If you see the mold then it’s likely that the problem is more serious than you can see.

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    Mold Removal & Remediation
    Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

    Mold Removal & Remediation

    Mold that has spread isn't as easy to get rid of. However, at Omaha Mold Removal Services, we have experts who know how to effectively remove the mold and handle every aspect of remediation. Sometimes aggressive action is required to get the mold levels back to a normal range.


    Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

    Our residential and commercial mold services are very much the same. However, those found in commercial businesses may be far more widespread and require more concentrated effort to resolve. When there is mold present, it is always in your best interest to contact us as quickly as possible so that you can minimize the spread.



    Someone who has never had a problem with mold before wouldn’t know the first thing about what it takes to remove it or treat it. However, if you suspect that you have mold, we are here to answer any questions that you may have about how we identify, remove, and treat mold. Call us and you’ll find all the answers to your most pressing questions about mold.

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    Contact Us Today

    You don’t want to wait to see what happens when you see mold in your home. The worst is yet to come! Act right away by contacting us to take care of the problem. We'll immediately schedule your inspection and testing. Once we know all that we need to know, we'll share our findings with you and advise you as to how we propose to treat the problem. Don't make things any worse than they are. Call us now and schedule an inspection.

    “It wasn’t until we contact Omaha Mold Removal Services that we realized just how serious the mold problem was that we were experiencing. We noticed it a year ago but since we don’t use that downstairs bathroom that often, we ignored it. However, we can assure you that we’ll never make that mistake again.” – John J.

    “After buying a mold kit from a local hardware store and not noticing any results, we knew we had to do something else. Someone recommended Omaha Mold Removal Services and assured us that we would receive results, which we did. That is why we are recommending them to others. They worked wonders!” – Sam R.

    “We have a business where a mold issue could sink us and that is why the minute we see a problem, we call Omaha Mold Removal Services. They do not mess around when it comes to offering quick and effective mold removal service.” – Gary W.